Völur, 1476 and Jerome Deppe set to slay The Depot March 6.

Coming up Tuesday, March 6 at The Depot, 1728 N. Charles St. Baltimore. Doors at 7pm; music at 8pm. $10.

1476: New England’s +1476+ creates dark, atmospheric, album-oriented music that draws upon elements of many genres including metal, punk, neofolk, and ambient. They harbor an energy & mood that reflects the environment of the old, haunting landscapes of New England’s coastal regions as well as their spiritual/philosophical interests and practices. As a two-piece, they are completely self-contained — writing, recording and releasing their albums & EPs through their own imprint and studio, Seraphim House. As of 2016, +1476+ has the honor of working with Germany’s Prophecy Productions.
Völur: Drawing from folk melodies, heathen spirituality, and trance-inducing doom, Völur weaves a hypnotic web of chthonic noise on the yawning gap of silence. A deep sound that moves through melodies, riffs, and timbres slowly as a seeress chants rites for souls long past.
Jerome Deppe/Miss Elizabeth’s All-Girl Band: Performing intense, melancholic acoustic based neo-rock, Deppe and his band are one of Baltimore’s hidden musical treasures that Shadow Woods Productions is pleased to present once again to the extreme musical landscape. It’s not metal, but it will still shred your soul.

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