Shadow Woods Metal Fest

Shadow Woods V Rescheduled to 2021

After careful consideration of  the myriad impacts of this global pandemic, I have made the decision to reschedule Shadow Woods Metal Fest V for August 27-28, 2021. The location will remain the same—Camp Hidden Valley, in White Hall, MD. 

While it is disappointing that we have to postpone, the good news is that our headliners Panopticon have graciously made the commitment to perform on our new dates. To quote Austin Lunn when I told him the news, “We belong at Shadow Woods.” 

I did not make this decision lightly. This global health emergency is causing unprecedented impacts on people across the country and the world. Those effects are likely to be felt for many months even after health officials determine that it is safe to attend large gatherings again. We will need time to recover emotionally, mentally, physically and financially once our “social distancing” times have passed.  Health experts have even warned of  a resurgence following an initial decline in cases. 

Only when we are fully “out of the woods,” will I feel confident that we be truly ready to head “back to the woods” for this final installment of Shadow Woods Metal Fest.  And when that time comes, I know it will be a party like none of us have ever seen. 

When I made this decision to postpone the fest, the lineup for SWMF V was nearly complete. Now, I am working with each band to confirm their involvement in 2021. Many of them have already committed to the new date. But it will take time to coordinate with everyone and finish the lineup. A full lineup announcement will be delayed.  

All tickets for the 2020 event will be honored at the 2021 festival, and I encourage you to hold on to your tickets. Processing a large number of refunds will put me in a financial crisis. Right now, all ticket sales funds are tied up in the deposit on the venue, which will carry forward to next year. So, if you can hold on to your tickets, there is no better way to help us through this situation! However, if it is impossible for you to attend the new dates, please submit a request through the contact form at the bottom of the event ticketing page on Eventbrite, and I will process it through the ticketing platform as funds become available to me to do so. Have patience. I hope if that is the case, you will be able to repurchase your tickets in the future. 

Until we meet in real life again, I encourage everyone to follow the guidance of the public health experts. Stay home. Wash your hands. Save lives. 

All the best,

Mary Spiro and the Shadow Woods Team

Panopticon and Falls of Rauros to headline Saturday. More bands TBA in the coming weeks. Trust us, it will be everything you love.


Tickets go on sale Dec 2 at 5 pm
Follow this link for more info!

History of Shadow Woods Metal Fests

Established in 2015, Shadow Woods Metal Fest was a multi-day outdoor music festival presented by Shadow Woods Productions LLC and organized by volunteers and a few paid professionals. We sought to present the best music the underground music community has to offer from many different genres, not just metal. The lineup was curated from the current underground musical landscape. These are not the bands everyone is already listening to but the bands everyone ought to be hearing.

The festival occurred in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 at Camp Hidden Valley in White Hall, MD. For the time being, all future Shadow Woods Metal Festivals are on hiatus, possibly never to return. Repeat: there are no plans to host SWMF again at this time. We are grateful for all the support we received during that time from the bands, from fans and from those who gave of their time and money to make this happen.

Shadow Woods Productions LLC continues to book smaller shows in the DC and Baltimore area in brick and mortar venues. If you would like to contact Shadow Woods Productions to book your band in the Washington, DC or Baltimore area, send a message to

Here is a list of bands who have performed live at each festival. This list may differ from lineups that appeared in news stories about SWMF, because sometimes bands would drop off at the last minute and others would be added. This is the the most accurate list of bands that ever played:

2015: Anicon, Ashagal, Black Table, Bridesmaid, Cladonia Rangiferina, Dendritic Arbor, Destroying Angel, Dreadlords, Dweller in the Valley, Existentium, Falls of Rauros, Fin, Heavy Temple, Hercyn, Hivelords, Iron Man, Midnight, Occultation, Oneirogen, Psalm Zero, Sangharsha, Sentience (now Sentient Horror), Slagstorm, Snakefeast, Stone Breath, The Day of the Beast, The Expanding Man, The Flight of Sleipnir, The Osedax, The Owls Are Not What They Seem, Unsacred, Velnias, Wormreich, Wrath of Typhon, ZUD

2016: A Sound of Thunder, Athame, at the Graves, Acid Witch, Blood Storm, Bound by the Grave, Cemetery Filth, Cemetery Piss, Coffin Dust, Corpse Light, Darsombra, Destroyer of Light, Faith in Jane Featuring Wino, Frosthelm, Genevieve, Ghost Bath, Grave Gnosis, Haxen, Helgamite, Helleborus, Heron, Horseskull, Lotus Thief, Myopic, Sadgiqacea, Sadistic Vision, Sapremia, Surgeon, Teloch Vovin, Temple of Void, Tengger Cavalry, T.O.M.B., Tombs, Torrid Husk, Vorator, Xeukatre, Zud

2017: Sept 14 – THURSDAY 6:30 – Take to the Woods (P), 6:50 – Dee Calhoun (P), 7:45 – Green Elder (P), 8:35 – Nechochwen (P), 9:25 – Aerial Ruin (P), Sept 15 – FRIDAY 12:00 – Unhallowed (F), 12:30 – Fiakra (W), 1:00 – Mome (H), 1:30 – Sloth Herder (F), 2:00 – Foehammer (W), 2:30 – Elagabalus (H), 3:00 – Night Raids (F), 3:40 – Dark Water Transit (W), 4:20 – Erlkonig (H), 5:00 – Hellbutcher (F), 6:00 – Heavy Temple (W), 6:40 – Voarm (H), 7:20 – Dead in the Manger (F), 8:00 – Castle (W), 9:00 – Human Bodies (F), 10:00 – KYOTY (H), 11:00 – The Owls ANWTS (H), Sept 16 – SATURDAY, 12:00 – Percussor (F), 12:30 – Seasick Gladiator (W), 1:00 – Bearstorm (H), 1:30 – Cut the Architects Hand (F), 2:00 – Hexis (W), 2:30 – Toke (H), 3:00 – Earthling (F), 3:40 – Black Table (W), 4:20 – Infera Bruo (H), 5:00 – All Hell (F), 5:40 – Obsidian Tongue (W), 6:20 – Withered (H), 7:00 – Woe (F), 7:50 – Panopticon (W), 9:00 – Vastum (F), 10:00 – Worthless (H), 11:00 – ZUD

(H)2018: THURSDAY PAVILION 6:00-6:25 Earendel, 6:40-7:15 Bound for the Ground, 7:30- 8:00 Skulsyr, 8:15-9:00 Goblin Hovel, 9:15-10:00 On The Water, 10:15-11:00 Xasthur – acoustic/unplugged FRIDAY PAVILION 12:20-12:50 Witch Hazel, 1:20-1:50 Haze Mage, 2:20-3:00 Hepatagua, 3:40-4:20 Windfaerer, 5:00-5:40 Dysfigure, 6:20-7:00 Heavy Temple, 7:40-8:20 Rozamov, 9:00-10:00 Aether Realm HALL 1:50-2:20 Ferus Din, 3:00-3:40 Forest of Legend, 4:20-5:00 Sluagh, 5:40-6:20 Husbandry, 7:00-7:40 God Root, 8:20-9:00 A Sound of Thunder, 10:00-10:40 Barishi, 11:00-11:40 Destroyer of Light SATURDAY PAVILION 2:20-3:00 Sickdeer, 3:40-4:20 Destroying Angel, 5:00-5:40 Black Mass, 6:20- 7:00 Hubris, 7:40-8:20 Malphas, 9:00-9:45 Athame HALL 3:00-3:40 Yuckmouf, 4:20-5:00 Bound by the Grave, 5:40-6:20 Wolf King, 7:00-7:40 Imperial Triumphant, 8:20-9:00 Replicant, 9:45-10:40 Abigail Williams, 11:00-11:40 Enthauptung, 12:00-12:40 Voarm

As an entertainment company, Shadow Woods Productions LLC is committed to creating an environment at its programming where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. At our events, on our websites and social media platforms under the Shadow Woods banner, we will not tolerate discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. If you wish to contact the organizers of Shadow Woods you may do so via email at Shadow. Woods.LLC

Thank you!

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