Godthrymm: A Grand Reclamation

When a band calls itself "epic doom metal" that kind of sets the listener up for what might come. Musically the UK’s Godthrymm is pretty epic and has a lot of great "invisible orange" moments. Heavy riffs, building tension in the rhythm section, aggressive melodies that simultaneously remind me of Bolt Thrower AND Candlemass But man, those vocals threw me off and were a real buzz kill. Is it James Hetfield? Was this guy in a Creed tribute band? Just not my cup of tea. According to the press release, this debut EP includes current and former members of MY DYING BRIDE, VALLENFYRE, SOLSTICE, MALEDICTION and ANATHEMA and will be out March 16. I hate having to pay attention to pedigrees, but I know people like those bands.This kind of stuff is generally not my favorite subgenre of metal, so consider that in this evaluation.

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Arbitrary rating 5.4/10.0

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