Reviews and Interviews: What would you like to see?

I have been so immersed in doing shows and planning Shadow Woods Metal Fest that I have really let my writing on this blog slip! I should not let something that’s been going fairly well for almost 6 years fall by the wayside! Find me more hours in the day!

I would like to do some more reviews and especially interviews with people you will be interested in hearing from. I have PLENTY of ideas but am open to yours as well.  I won’t tell you what to listen to, just my overall impressions. Everyone likes what they like. Also for my interviews, I hope to move beyond the typical questions. I would hope that 35 years (yes, actually) working as a journalist and writer had taught me that at least.

Send me a message either here or through my Facebook page and tell me what you want to read about?

In the meantime, look for these album reviews in the near future:

Craft: White Noise Black Metal

Soliloquium: Contemplations

Torii: A Judgement Divine

Obscura: Diluvium


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