Pentagram Chile guitarist talks first US gig, new drummer and first studio album

Pentagram Chile is not the first band in the world to place a country designation after their name to avoid confusion with another well known group. Usually this is required because of copyright, but in this case, the group did it out of respect to the doom metal band Pentagram that started in the late 1970s. Once you have heard this South American group, you will never have a reason to confuse them.

Death and black metal are definitely the foundations upon which Pentagram Chile’s sound was built. Pounding heavy drums and blazingly fast guitar riffs under a death growl is what Pentagram Chile brings to this heavy metal banquet.  You can definitely hear the influence of groups like Slayer in their earlier recordings. Founded in 1985 by guitarist Juan Pablo Uribe and vocalist and guitarist Anton Reisenegger, the band has had its ups and downs since the group’s inception in 1985. Even while disbanded, interest in the group was maintained through fans trading tapes of their demos and one EP. To date, they have never produced a studio album, but that is about to change.

Now the group is back in action and Anton Reisenegger was kind enough to reply to my basic email questions to give us North Americans a glimpse into what is in store for us on Sunday, May 27 at the 2012 Maryland Deathfest.

Who are the current members of Pentagram Chile?
The two original members Juan Pablo Uribe (guitar) and myself, Anton Reisenegger (guitar, vocals), our new drummer Juan Pablo Donoso and CRIMINAL’s Dan Biggin filling in on bass. [See Pentagram Chile’s Facebook page for more specific details from Anton on the group’s recent line-up change.]

What songs will be on the set list?

Since it’s our first time in the US we’ll be focusing on the classic demo songs, but we might play one track from the new album. We just thought since it’s not out yet it wouldn’t make much sense to play more of it.

Will you be playing any other shows in the US while you are here?

We are focusing on finishing our first-ever studio album, so we had actually decided not to play live for a while, but MDF was something we couldn’t refuse. There’s nothing else planned on the live front so far, but as soon as the album’s finished and a release date is set we’ll start working on tours.

What special items will you have for sale at MDF?

We’re going to have a re-issue of an old, semi-official shirt design that’s very cool. And also of course the classic “bat” shirt.

Anything else you want to say?

PENTAGRAM CHILE is here to stay. Watch out for our new album, it’s going to kill!

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