Countdown to MDF X: (6) Yob

Yob. The name evokes memories of that disturbing Warner Brothers cartoon “Rocket-bye Baby” in which a Martin baby is mistakenly delivered to Earth parents.  Few people under the age of 40 will remember this cartoon.

As a band, Eugene, Oregon’s Yob can be just as unsettling. Grinding, doom-y guitar riffs, plodding and pulsing rhythms and other-worldly vocals make Yob’s sound memorizing. And as most of their songs are around 10 minutes long or much longer, they give you plenty of time to fall victim to their hypnotic charm. It is the perfect stoner metal.  Given the right circumstances (ahem, if you know what I mean), you could still be hearing the sound of Yob for many minutes after a song actually has ended and not even realize it.

Yob is Mike Scheidt ( Guitar, Vocals), Aaron Reiseberg (Bass) and Travis Foster (Drums). They play the 2012 Maryland Deathfest on Sunday evening, May 27. Even without a bong in hand, you will probably enjoy them.

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