INTERVIEW: Tatsu Mikami wants you to join his Church of Misery

I am not a fan of church membership in general. But if I were to be a congregant in any church, it would be Church of Misery from Japan. Spacey, psychedelic, doomy and ultra heavy, rest assured Church of Misery will do a great job transitioning the audience at the 2012 Maryland Deathfest on Sunday afternoon to the grittier soundscapes expected later that night from Saint Vitus and Electric Wizard.

For whatever reason, Church of Misery likes to write songs about serial killers. But their sound is so 70s old school psychedelic that you will have to keep checking to make sure you are not listening to something recorded around the time of Black Sabbath’s first album. In addition, their live performances are reminiscent of Cathedral.

Founding member and bassist Tatsu Mikami earns a beer from me for his replies to my basic interview questions. He wears his bass slung so low on his hip that I am not sure how he manages to play it. But I guess that is his secret to success. Other current members include Junji Narita – drums,  Kensuke Suto – guitars, and Hideki Fukasawa – vocals and analogue synthesizers.

This is first time we will play the US. So we are prepared to play our ‘BEST’ set list including all three albums. All C.O.M fans surely will be satisfied!” Tatsu said.

Just before MDF, Tatsu said C.O. M. will be finishing their seventh European tour. This latest three-week outing included the UK, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. I know the Swedes were digging their sound, as this New Wave of Psychedelic Doom Metal is really popular there.

While they are in the US, Church of Misery. will be making several stops. Tour dates can be found here. Each date includes Gates of Slumber and either Rwake or HailHornet.

What special surprises will they have for deathfest attendees? “We will bring special T-shirts for MDF. It’s available only at MDF – very limited!” Tatsu said.

Church of Misery seems anxious to perform for America. “I would like to say – very sorry for keeping you waiting! We will be devastating all venues like GOZILLA!”


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