Countdown to MDF X: (12) Demonical

With a playful name like Demonical, I wanted this band to be more of a lighthearted romp through death metal. I wanted them to be D’ Monocle and play snooty gentlemen’s death core.

Well, Demonical is not playful and does not do such silly things. This is brutal, eviscerating Swedish death metal. They will obliterate their audience on Sunday afternoon outside, May 27, at the the 2012 Maryland Deathfest. Those driving overhead on I-83 during their set, on their way home from church, will likely mutter a prayer and cross themselves for protection when they hear Demonical perform.

Demonical is Sverker Widgren (vocals). Johan Jansson (guitars), Pablo Magallanes (guitars), Martin Schulman (bass) and Fredrik Widigs (drums). They will do a short US tour leading up to MDF, stopping in Brooklyn, Pittsburgh and Parma (Ohio), then head back to Europe for a lengthier summer tour. You can read some up-to-the-minute news on them at their Facebook page.

Death Infernal is Demonical’s most recent recording effort, though they have been busy working and releasing music since their inception in 2006. Demonical gives us everything we love about death metal: epic melodies, sizzling guitar solos, pounding rhythms, growling aggressive vocals. I challenge you to quickly learn these songs so that you can pump your fist in the air and sing along during their set.

Some of their songs remind me of Amon Amarth except perhaps with a slight technical death metal influence. I love Amon Amarth, so to me, that’s an excellent thing. Demonical delivers the death metal that makes you remember why come to the Maryland Deathfest in the first place.

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