Countdown to MDF X: (11) Disma

Think of something really heavy. Now think of something 10,000 times heavier than that and then make it music. That is Disma.

Formed in New Jersey in 2007 with former members of Funebrarum, Assuck and Incantation, Disma plays death doom to the Nth degree of heaviness. Members include Bill Venner (Guitar), Daryl Kahan (Guitar), Shawn Eldridge (Drums), Craig Pillard (Vocals) and Randi Stokes (Bass).

Disma’s crushing sound is on par with heavy metal hitters like Autopsy. But unlike Autopsy’s drummer/vocalist Chris Reifert, who seems to chew up lyrics and spit them out at you, Disma’s vocalist Craig Pillard’s voice sounds like the all-consuming groan emitted from the gaping maw of Helvete. Even the faster thrashier bits, which are few and far between, are dominated by Craig’s powerful pipes.

Still, the music is melodic and memorable. I expect to see a good circle pit going for this set, though it won’t be going too fast or for too long. Towards the Megalith is the group’s most recent full-length recording and they mention a new EP in the works on their Facebook page. What else is on tap for MDF for Disma?  Daryl answered some questions about the group’s upcoming Sunday, May 27, performance at the 2012 Maryland Deathfest.

What recording material will you be focusing on for your set list? Any new songs?

Our setlist is comprised of our early demo songs plus songs from our debut album. New songs will be recorded soon.

Are you doing any other shows or tours before or after MDF that you would like to mention? And if so, where and with whom?

We are currently discussing a European Tour for Disma in 2013. Time shall tell.

Will you have any special or unusual items for sale at MDF?

We will have some exclusive merchandise available at the show.

Any special greetings for your fans? Anything else we should know?

Thank for your interest and support of Disma, Maery! Also thanks to our fans and supporters worldwide. Hail the maniacs reading this and Metallomusikum! Stay Brutal!!!

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