INTERVIEW with Tsjuder’s drummer Anti-Christian

Anti-Christian of Tsjuder

In the quest to remain “trve kvlt,” Norwegian black metal stalwarts Tsjuder have persevered since 1993. They will perform at the 2012 Maryland Deathfest on Saturday, May 26 in the main room following a string of other satanic black metal bands, making Saturday night something of a “ritual” kind of night for the festival.

Tsjuder is also one of my personal favorite groups in the traditional black metal gene. I don’t remember when or how I came across them, but I was hooked from the first moment I heard them. Part of their charm is that they are not just all blast beats and guitar distortion. Real rock and roll drumming make them stand out. I was very honored when Tsjuder’s beast of a drummer, Anti-Christian, took a few moments to respond to questions via email.

So I believe this is your first time at the Maryland Deathfest. What have you heard about this festival and what do you hope to bring to the audience there?

It´s Tsjuder first gig in USA and we´re looking forward to this. This is one of the few festivals in USA we heard of and the audience will get good old fashion Norwegian Black Metal.

What recordings will you be focusing on to create your set list? 

We are gonna serve some threats from every album.

When do you arrive in the USA and will you be playing any other shows before or after deathfest while you are here? How about other tours, outside of the festivals already listed on your Facebook page?

Nag and I will arrive on Tuesday and we are gonna check out some bars in the states around. There´s no tour or other gigs planed for USA. It would be nice with a tour over there but maybe in the future.

What other groups are you excited to see play at MDF? 

Horna and Brujeria would be cool too check out, but we nearly never get to see anything the day we play a show. I can´t see a band without a beer in my hand, and I can´t play drums with alcohol running thru my veins. Bad combo.

How have American fans reacted to the new recording, Legion Helvete, as compared to other fans around the world?

I really don´t know, but we got some decent reviews as far as I know.

How would you explain explain the origin of the name Tsjuder (pronounced shoe-der) and how you chose the name for the group?

The name Tsjuder comes from a tribe that came to the north of Norway around 1000 years ago. They butchered the Norwegian natives and they where dressed in black leather. How we got the name I don’t know but it’s hard to pronounce for the majority of the world.

What sort of Tsjuder items will be available for sale at MDF, anything unique or unusual?

If things goes like it should, Maryland will get their own T-shirt made special for you. Only 50 shirts from our own design.

What other types of music do the members of Tsjuder enjoy listening to? 
That is a really hard question. I can only speak for myself but everybody likes Motorhead.

Are there books, films or other things that inspire you? 
I´m into Tom Egeland’s writings at the moment and I meditate to Family Guy. Chelsea Cain has got some good books out.

Is there anything else that you want American fans to know or understand about Tsjuder?

It´s our first show in the USA and we are looking forward to sharing some alcohol with our new friends. Cheers. We also would like to know if there´s any good place to party for Nag and me those days we arrive before Draugluin. Let us know on our Facebook page!

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