INTERVIEW: Mortuary Drape want to know if US metals heads are as crazy as Watain claims

If you go to the 2012 Maryland Deathfest on Sunday, May 27 you must make one promise: that you will stay to the very end to hear and see Mortuary Drape. After all, they came all the way from Italy to play for you! But more than that, you will regret it if you miss them as this is their first gig in the US. And for all you Ghost fans out there, you can suck on this: Mortuary Drape has been doing that satanic robed and hooded schtick for a lot longer and playing far superior music for more than 25 years. Show some respect.

Mortuary Drape kicks ass in every department. The drumming is pure black metal brutality. The riffs are like Dick Dale on speed. And the vocals are commanding and masculine. Forget crappy production. Mortuary Drape has taken the time on their recordings to let you hear every thrashy beat, every bass pop and every scorching solo. I was particularly honored to have two members of this legendary group, which has inspired so many others such as Archgoat and Black Witchery, agree to answer my basic questions. The following comments come from their lead singer who goes by Wildness Perversion and their guitarist D.C. Other members of Mortuary Drape include  SR (Lead Guitar), SC (Bass) and MR (Drums).

Who will be performing at Maryalnd Deathfest and what songs do you plan to focus on?
Musicians that are going to play at MDF are part of the band since 2010. Now the lineup is stable and we are working on our new album, which we will record within this year. There are no particular surprises in the setlist, we have the benefit that we never played in the US, so we are free to play a typical setlist that includes songs from every album. New songs are done but, as I’ve said before, we must wait until the new album comes out to play them live and do the right promotion.

What other shows are you doing this year?

This year we have scheduled other two gigs in July, at Metal Magic in Denmark and at Hell’s Pleasure in Germany. Furthermore, near autumn, we will play in Italy too, but we still must plan where and when. You can follow us to get infos in real time about news on our website.

What kinds of things will you have for sale at MDF?

We are going to bring a lot of merchandise to sell, but we cannot bring everything to MDF, unluckly there are too much customs inspections and we don’t want to have problems or merch confiscations. By the way, on our website there are contacts to buy our merchandise. If you want to buy something you can always directly contact the band at

Do you have any special message for the fans who will come to see you?

We hope to see a lot of people at MDF. Our friends Watain told us that American metalheads are really strong and crazy, so we are looking forward to see it with our eyes and prove if those words face the reality. We are giving our best to prepare this show, we want to be there for the new album promotion too, maybe with a tour of 20 gigs or more. We hope to realize it.

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