Countdown to MDF X: (25) Winter

I love Winter, and I don’t mean the season (although I love that, too.) No, I mean New York’s, slow-as-molasses doom metal band founded in the late 80s. Named for an Amebix song, you can hear some of that band’s influence on Winter, but it is not overwhelming.

While a band like Backslider might be one of the fastest you’ve ever heard, Winter may be among the slowest. Even their faster songs, such as The Hour of Doom, are restrained by the low, echoing vocals of bassist John Alman.  Drummer Joe Goncalves makes every beat deliberate and contemplative and guitarist Stephen Flam marinates every riff in sludge-y goodness. Just when another band might pick up the pace, Winter slows it down even further.

Winter disbanded for many years, reuniting only a couple of years ago to perform for festivals such as Roadburn. Apparently, like another famous (though fictional) New Yorker, Rip Van Winkle, they have awoken from long a Winter’s nap to find the music scene ready to receive them. Let Winter lull you into a pleasant, yet slightly disturbing, dream-like state on Sunday afternoon, May 27, at the 2012 Maryland Deathfest.

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