Countdown to MDF X: (19) Backslider

Need a small band to play you some big, fast music in under a minute? Philadelphia’s grindcore, fastcore, something-core act Backslider should fit the bill quite nicely. This two-piece, comprised of Logan on guitar and vocals and Patrick on drums, will kick off the final day of the 2012 Maryland Deathfest, Sunday, May 27.

Backslider put a smile on my face because they reminded me of all those un-named punk bands I watched tear up smokey clubs and basements in the late 80s. All the spit and vinegar is there, except these guys are, at times, just a bit doomier and sludgier.  Don’t plant them too deep, water them just a little, and they might grow into something like Dragged Into Sunlight.

Check out their Bandcamp here. Don’t worry, it will take less than two minutes.

I am not sure, but this video seems to be sped up a little. Either way, it’s totally worth watching as the moshers and the drum set nearly collide on several occasions.

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