Countdown to MDF X: (24) Confessor

Strong harmonies, melodies filled with pregnant pauses, usual time signatures and interesting lyrical subject matter make Confessor’s progressive technical death metal an interesting choice for MDF.  I played a song by the group for a friend. He’s impression was that they were a little Queensrÿche-like. I thought they seemed a bit Alice in Chains-y. Either way, this North Carolina group should get a reaction from the audience Saturday, May 26, at the 2012 Maryland Deathfest.

The current lineup includes Cary Rowells (bass), Steve Shelton (drums), Brian Shoaf (guitar), Chris Nolan (guitar) and Scott Jeffreys (vocals). Founded in 1986, Confessor developed an underground following. Even when they split up in 1994, interest was sustained in their music. Their final recording sessions eventually resulted in the post-breakup release of the album, Unraveled, from which the song “Wig Stand” in the video clip below was taken. I’ve also included a clip from their 1991 full-length Condemned that perhaps more clearly demonstrates their progressive leanings. The group reunited in 2011 and is ready to hit the road.

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