Countdown to MDF X: (41) Napalm Death

Since none of the founding members of Napalm Death remain in the band, you could view this seminal grindcore band in several ways. For example, you could perceive them as an ideology, with each member who came afterward as perpetuating and developing that philosophy. Or you could see them like a brand, changing and evolving to reflect the times, but maintaining an identity that somehow continues to resonate with their audience.

While bands are frequently linked to strong personalities and identities, such is not the case with Napalm Death. And perhaps for this bastard child of post-punk anarchy, that is fitting.  The band first came into existence in 1981 in Birmingham, England (the so-called birthplace of heavy metal). Today Napalm Death members include Shane Embury (bass since 1987), Mark “Barney” Greenway (vocals since 1990), Mitch Harris (guitarist since 1989), Danny Herrera (drums since 1991).

What should you listen to get ready for their performance on Friday night, May 25 at the Maryland Deathfest? Certainly something from their new release, Utilitarian. Then of course, something very old too, like from the group’s very first recording, Scum. What about something slow and doomy from The Code is Red….Long Live the Code. Here songs from those three albums. Enjoy.

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