Countdown to MDF X: (40) Godflesh

Recently re-formed post-metal industrial, noise band Godflesh provides an unusual ending to the Friday night festivities of the 2012 Maryland Deathfest. I, for one, will be excited to see them live. Founded in Birmingham, UK in 1986 under the name of the Killing Joke song, Fall of Because, Godflesh gained ground throughout the 1990s among fans of more hard-edged industrial/electronic metal. The frequent use of drum machines and programmed soundscapes defines Godflesh as children of the technology explosion going on around them at the time.

Godflesh has certainly derived inspiration from Killing Joke, which at least for a while was one of the darker bands of the 80s. Unfortunately, as they slipped further into disco-y beats and plaintive vocals, Killing Joke lost the grit of their first self-titled album. Godflesh’s songs recorded more than 20 years ago, however, somehow remain fresh and almost progressive today. Godflesh’s penchant for slowing down the tempo and for sound experimentation has probably helped them maintain their edge. They also credit bands such as Black Sabbath, Swans and Throbbing Gristle for their inspiration.

There has not been a new Godflesh recording since 2001, and in 2002, the band parted ways. The two original members, Justin Broadrick (vocals, guitars) and G.C. Green (bass), along with Ted Parsons (the occasional human drummer since 1996) reunited in late 2009 to begin playing some festivals and short tours. There have been rumors of new material. but nothing yet. They do have several free mp3s available for download from their lovingly maintained since 1995 website, aptly named Crumbling Flesh. Everything you ever wanted to know about Godflesh, and then some, can be found there. 

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