Countdown to MDF X: (58) Needful Things

Grindcore band Needful Things from the Czech Republic continues the extreme start to the Maryland Deathfest X, set to play third on Thursday, May 24. According to the band’s profile on ReverbNation, they have been grinding out tracks since 1995. This seems like an awfully long time, making them possibly one of the earliest grindcore bands I could think of. They are listed as the No. 2 most popular “alternative” band in the Czech Republic.

Needful’s music is distributed through Obscene Productions. On their MySpace they make the following humble statement: “We play only for gas money, food, drink, sleep places..Trades are welcome.”

Their latest album can be streamed live here.

The current line-up includes Otto – bass, Roman – guitar, David – guitar, Dan – drums, and Tomas – bass/vocals. Following MDF X, Needful Things apparently has a show booked on May 29 with Agents of Abhorrence, Dissent, and Chainsaw To The Face at Brooklyn’s Acheron, New York City.

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