Countdown to MDF X: (57) Rorschach

New Jersey’s Rorschach blends elements of punk, hardcore and avant garde dissonance to come up with the so-called “power violence” sound and screaming vocal energy you see here. They perform Thursday, May 24 at MDF X.  Current band members include Keith Huckins – Guitar; Andrew Gormley – Drums; Nick Forte – Guitar; Thomas Rusnak – Bass; Charles Maggio -Vocals.

The band first got together in 1989, sort of at the tail end of the hardcore punk scene, extend the genre well into the early 90s. They took a break, some members going to play in Deadguy. In 2009, they reformed and have toured sporadically since.

Following the Maryland Deathfest,  Rorschach will play at on May 26 Le Poisson Rouge in NYC. If you remember hardcore punk from back in the day, or if you are making the nouvelle version of hardcore punk now, Rorschach satisfies.

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