Countdown to MDF X: (59) Die Pigeon Die

Die Pigeon Die will be travelling all the way from Melbourne, Victoria in Australia to play on Thursday at MDF X.  This extremely brutal band focuses on themes of gore, violence and perversion –but with some humor thrown in. Song titles include enticing gems such as “Massive Warts in Pregnancy,” Ripped from V to A,” and “Spastic Colon.” Some music can be found on YouTube. More recent stuff is on SoundCloud.

The only band members listed on their Facebook page are Leo Pigeon (bass and vocals) and Jack Pigeon (drums, guitars and “bong” vocals), however other members are shown performing in videos.  Drums by Christoph is listed on SoundCloud.

There is a sample of a song entitled “Tricked by a  Tranny” on Soundcloud, reportedly from a upcoming full-lengh CD. Many of the songs include samples from horror movies.

If you are into gore and bong water, Die Pigeon Die might be for you.

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