Countdown to MDF X: (60) Extermination Angel

Maryland Deathfest X is just 60 days away. To get to know each band, I will post a short blurb and video or link to a song from each band.

Extermination Angel will be the first band to take the stage on Thursday, May 24 at Sonar.

Hailing from Baltimore, this trio consists of Shawn (on Vokillz!), The Barbarian  (on Hyperborean Guitar Bass, whatever that is) and Jimzilla (on Pitiless Cannonade ie. Drums).  In addition to belting out some pretty extreme death metal vocals, Shawn has a pretty impressive head of hair. On their Facebook page, they say they are the “holy exterminator come to cleans you of life.”

Extermination Angel reports that they have a full-length recording coming out on Black Mess Recordings, which willl be available for sale at MDF. To hear more music, head over to their official page on BandCamp.

I have never seen this band live, but I think they should be a great way to brutalize the audience appropriately for the kick-off of MDFX!!!

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