Reminiscing with W.A.S.P. at M3 Rock Fest

No, I did not hang out with Blackie Lawless. But the entire vibe of the W.A.S.P. performance at the M3 Rock Festival last night did have the feeling of being a career retrospective. I guess that’s what you do when you have been around in spandex for 30 years.

During most of the songs they played old videos of the songs they were, in fact, playing live on the stage. I found this distracting. Did they want me to watch them? Or did they want me to listen to them and also watch them on their old video? What do you want me to do Blackie?

Any way, unrelated to W.A.S.P., it was also freezing cold at M3. Had to keep  moving just to keep warm! Here are a few photos from last night’s show.

Blackie Lawless
Look at the screens, now look at me, now look at the screens.

3 Replies to “Reminiscing with W.A.S.P. at M3 Rock Fest”

  1. The idea behind the screens is to try give the spectator a 3D experience of the band , while also paying tribute to the past , and also the storyline in The Crimson Idol is played out , I seen this show 4 times on the 30Years of Thunder tour here in Europe, I was at the opening night in London and it was a mindblowing experience for me. 🙂

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