KIX’s frontman knows how to throw a party

Steve Whiteman, front man of KIX is like a party clown. A skinny, bleach blonde, raunchy party clown. And if I was having a birthday party or anything, just for grown ups, I would invite him.  Plus, he likes Bingo, and he likes to torture old people with ventriloquism. And he brings his own balloons, sparklers and other party props. He’s fun.

And although I am not much of a hair metal fan, he made me love the KIX performance tonight. I didn’t want to, but I did. So, consider this an open invitation, Mr. Steve Whiteman, to come crash my birthday, Tuesday, May 7 at The Sidebar in Baltimore.

Here are a few shots of Steve being Steve at Friday’s KIX off party for the M3 Rock Festival. The madness continues Saturday all day long.

SteveWhiteman-Kix copy

KIX kicks.
KIX kicks.


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