Black metal gnome is krieg

Original hand-painted gnome by Acacia Levin.
Original hand-painted gnome by Acacia Levin.

I am getting older, older than I want to admit. I hate birthdays and don’t like to think about them much. Something always miserable happens to me around my birthday. But sometimes, someone does something so amazing that it makes the thought of your slow march into the grave just a little more tolerable.

My actual birthday isn’t for another two weeks, but apparently someone could not wait for me to start the celebration. This black metal gnome was hand-painted for me by my daughter, Acacia. All I can say is that she knows me all too well. Writing out the words to the Dethklok song, “Happy Dethday” was just the proverbial icing on the cake.

Thank you, daughter! XXXOOO <3 <3  <3

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