Latin American metal: Who’s your favorite?

Lately I have had the chance to see several Latin American based metal bands. Some of these groups are from places like Mexico and Central America and some have a few members of Latin American descent. It seems that the more evil and more satanic these groups are, the more popular they are!

One show that I went to that featured quite a few acts like this was held in December. You can check out my review of that show here.

Tonight I will checking out a show at an El Salvadoran restaurant called Sergio’s Place in Wheaton, Md. I am pretty excited about seeing the group Infinitum Obscure, from Mexico. They are touring the US with Sorcery from Sweden. They remind me a little of Dissection, but with their own style. Great melodies. Great riffs.

Check out this track below from Infinitum Obscure. What Latin American groups do you listen to?

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