Countdown to MDF X: (43) Artillery

Danish thrash metal godfathers Artillery will surely open up the pit Friday night at the Maryland Deathfest. Contagious riffs, fist pumping refrains and sing-a-long choruses are what this pure high energy rock and roll band are all about.

Founded in 1982 in Denmark, the band has experienced many personnel changes and breakups  over the years. Today the core of Artillery are the brothers Morten and Michael Stützer on guitars, Carsten Nielsen on drums, vocals by Søren “Nico” Adamsen and bass by Peter Thorslund.

If you are a fan of thrash, there really is nothing about Artillery that you won’t love. They should capture everyone from the very first chord. Distinct and memorable riffs, blistering solos and Søren’s powerful, soaring vocals really launch Artillery into the stratosphere, even beyond more well known acts like Testament and Death Angel. Søren’s vocal style approaches that of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson, but he throws in a few death growls from time to time. Lyrically, many of their songs have an anti-war or political theme.

Artillery has never played in the US before, so see them while you can. If you have never heard them, blame it on the fact that they are from Denmark. In addition to MDF X, Artillery is scheduled to play on the inaugural Barge to Hell cruise, the extreme metal cruise set for December 2012, from the inventors of 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise.

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