Countdown to MDF X: (55) Absu

Full disclosure: I absolutely love Absu. This quirky occult three piece has been as they proclaim “Arrogantly Executing Mythological Occult Metal Since 1991.” Their music is elegantly executed, brutally badass and unrelenting. Yet every time I see a video of their drummer/vocalist Sir Proscriptor McGovern (Russ Givens) open his mouth to sing AND thrash the hell out of a drum kit, I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Maybe it’s the guy-liner he wears or that odd metallic looking headband. I just want to say, “awwwwwe.”

Hailing from Plano, Texas, the other members of Absu include Ezezu (Paul Williamson) – Voice, Bass Guitar and Mellotron; and Vis Crom (Matt Moore) – Electric and Acoustic Guitars.  Proscriptor, although not literally a founding member, is the only one left from the original line-up. At times Absu has been put on the shelf, most likely due to member upheaval. At one point, Proscriptor even auditioned for Slayer. But thankfully he persevered.

Absu’s music is rich with the occult, myth and legend. They employ memorable hooks and melodies alongside black metal vocals and thrashy drumming. Lyrically, unless you are a student of the occult, their music is inscrutable. The group’s most recent album, Abzu, represents the current line up, but some of my favorite songs are on their fifth recording, simply called Absu, released in 2009. That album includes a variety of member configurations.

Their energetic performances (which I have only witnessed on YouTube) should really rev up the crowd on Thursday, May 24 at the Maryland Deathfest. Originally, I only had a three-day ticket to MDF X, but the announcement that Absu replaced Desaster on this day was enough to make me go back and buy a ticket for Thursday. I cannot wait to see them live. Here are two videos because I could not pick just one.

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