Countdown to MDF X: (56) Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus, a technical death metal band from Upper Marlboro (in my homeland of Prince Georges County) Maryland, has steadily gained national and international acclaim since their inception in 1991.  Their guitar and drumming prowess in undeniable. Their vocals are guttural and unforgiving.

The band includes only original member John Gallagher – Guitar,Vocals; Sean Beasley – Bass,Vocals and Trey Williams – Drums. This Relapse recording artist makes a good addition to the Thursday, May 24 line up for Maryland Deathfest X. The band was featured most recently on the Metal Alliance Tour with Devil Driver, Faceless, Job for a Cowboy et al.  Then following the MDF X, they will embark on summer tour with Six Feet Under and Revocation. They will make a short stop in Frederick, MD at Cafe 611, only with Revocation and local support on June 6.

Dying Fetus is on par with a band like Suffocation, which originated from the New York Death Metal scene. Yet, Dying Fetus deserves special recognition because they are among the few bands that by sheer force of will and perseverance put the state of Maryland on the map for metal, They are also probably the only group with the technical ability, artistry, and creative skills to be thought of as Maryland’s original death metal band [in my opinion]. Perhaps because they were spawned so close to the nation’s capital, their lyrics often invoke political themes. This fact sets them apart intellectually from some others in the death metal cohort that focus on gore and violence.

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