Shadow Woods Metal Fest updates COVID policy; set times

Policy update testing and masking required — please read to the end. 

AFTER MUCH CONSIDERATION, CONSULTING WITH EXPERTS AND WITH AN ABUNDANCE OF CAUTIONWe are now requiring Covid testing for everyone attending Shadow Woods. Attendees who test positive will be asked to leave and ticket refunds will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Rapid Covid testing will be available on-site throughout the duration of the fest. You may be tested multiple times if you wish at your own expense of $20 per test. You can also obtain your own testing. Testing must be conducted by a state-sanctioned lab. You must be tested and resulted within 48 hours of arrival.Everyone attends the fest at their own risk. Understand that if you have unvaccinated people in your life that even if you are vaccinated you could potentially put them at risk for Covid. Vaccination is strongly encouraged for all attendees. Please still bring your proof of vaccination. Unvaccinated people attend at additional risk to themselves and others. You are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated by Aug 13.Masking will be required indoors at all times and outdoors for everyone when within 12 feet of others. Free masks will be available. Security will enforce this and anyone choosing not to comply will have to leave with no refund. Thanks for your compliance with this policy. We want everyone to be safe. We also want the fest to go on as planned. We hope you know that we have everyone’s best interests at heart!

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