Radamanthys – Another Dimension

Radamanthys Another Dimension. I fell in love with this band a million years ago (like 7 years ago or something) and my interest in their progression has not waned. Today they have released this blazing 4-song EP that showcases this group’s superior musicianship and dedication to all things tech death. Of the 4 tracks, one is a re-recording of an older song Eternal Judgement. As far as melodic, technical death metal goes, all your arpegio and whacked-out time signature changes are belong to them. But I shouldn’t play around with terms like that because these guys know way more about music theory than I ever would with a lifetime of study. If you enjoy bands like Obscura and Revocation, but with vocals that sound more like Dissection, you’ll probably dig this. Check out this new offering and come see them live TONIGHT at Baltimore Soundstage or on Saturday at my show at Atlas Brew Works in DC.

M Spiro

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