Second Grimscape defies odds and slays anyway

Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t give up on things I care about that easily. This year’s Grimscape show was a trial by fire. First we had to move venues. Twice. And we lost our original headliner. But, that said, we found a home and regrouped and the results were nothing short of amazing. Thanks go out to The Depot in Baltimore and their sound guy Greg Serio as well as DJ Neska for keeping everything running smoothly and on time.


Rest assured that there will be more shows of this caliber in the months to come. We look forward to Grimscape #3 in summer of 2016.

I suggest that you keep these bands in constant rotation on your playlists:


Cladonia Rangiferina

Torrid Husk


Sloth Herder



Below is a link to some photos I took at the show, even the crappy blurry ones. Whatever.  Enjoy and be sad if you missed it.  Next shows coming up are Aug 16 and 17. More on that later.

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