Podcasting from Leyla’s before the Pentacle show

Continuing in our new mode of recording live from venues, we move to Leyla’s in Hyattsville, MD. Amazingly, Steve Harris joins us AGAIN while we prepare to see Dutch death metal masters Pentacle, along with Sathanas, Sacrificial Blood, Extermination Angel and the beer can throwing monsters Maximum Oversatan.

Our other guests are Mike Keller of Sacrifical Blood, the members of Maximum Oversatan and Extermination Angel. We had some laughs, ordered beer and pupusas and heard some inappropriate jokes. We also decided that Steve probably needs to move from Chesapeake, VA to Maryland.

There is quite a bit of background noise so keep your headphone volume down low. I didn’t take too many photos because I was enjoying the music! Pentacle and Sacrificial Blood were a highlight!

Click this link to listen.


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