Pact to headline first Grimscape

There are many bands labeled as American black metal, but few in the USBM scene that present a full-fledged occult ritual the way Pact does. The Moribund Cult Records group perfectly blends traditional black metal aesthetics and symbolism with the pummeling grind and growl of death metal.

The Erie, PA group will headline Metallomusikum’s first-ever Grimscape Saturday, July 26 at The Sidebar in Baltimore along with Virginia’s Dispellment, Maryland’s black metal underground veterans Inverted Trifixion, and newcomers AntiKosmos and Hex Temple, who are both making their stage debuts. Tickets are $12 at the door or online at  Pre-sales of this show have been strong and a sell-out is possible.


Pact’s most recent album, The Infernal Hierarchies, Penetrating the Threshold of Night, elevates the band to the next realm of aural assault with more complex songwriting, better production and even more visceral vocals than their debut full-length, The Dragon Lineage of Satan. Preview the album here.

PACT is Wretch on guitar and bass, Hag doing vocals, Dirge as session guitar and T on drums. T was kind enough to respond to a short Q & A prior to the show.

When and how did Pact get together?

We had all played in other bands together in the past then in 2008 the three of us recorded a split under the name Aiwass, followed by a full length. No live shows were ever performed and Aiwass was ended. Then in 2010 we got back together with the intent of playing black metal.

What specifically motivates you? I mean, as individuals, as a band? What is your inspiration?

We are definitely motivated by the love and creation of heavy dark metal. We enjoy writing new music and pushing ourselves to grow and become more extreme.

Your latest album came out in April. How are reviewers receiving it so far?

The Infernal Hierarchies album is doing well and has received excellent reviews all over the world.

The vocals seem a little different on The Infernal Hierarchies than what I noticed on The Dragon Lineage of Satan. What has changed? What are some things you would hope people would notice about this new record and the direction the music is going in?

Hag’s vocals really haven’t changed much; he has found the range he wanted and worked from there. It helps that we had a more solid mix and master for this new album, which allowed all instruments to shine through. We write music to please ourselves but if people enjoy it, then it is a bonus.

What do you hope people experience during your live performances?

We want people to feel the emotion that we put into our songs.

What other shows/festivals do you have planned for the coming months?

We are playing Wraith of the Goat III festival in September alongside Wormreich, Neldoreth and Kult ov Azazel.

What does the future hold for PACT?

We will continue to write and record music. We have seven songs written for a new album.

If you were not playing music, how would you spend your time?

Don’t know what we would be doing, something artistic for sure.

Anything else you want people to know about the band?

Enjoy our music. Get the new album. Embrace the left hand path of thought. Hail Darkness!!

Check out Pact, Dispellment and Inverted Trifixion below:


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