Putrisect bringing old school metal back to Baltimore

Baltimore’s Putrisect brings together elements of old school death metal, hardcore and crust. They open the stage tonight, May 23, at Rams Head at Maryland Deathfest. I have only seen Putrisect on smaller stages, so it will be exciting to see them on the big Rams Head stage, I am sure they will blow everyone away!

putrisect2Combining the talents of members of several other bands, Putrisect will surprise listeners with a heaviness reminiscent of old Morbid Angel and the swift guitar riffage of classic Slayer. Their sound, however, is not a rehash of old sounds and has a freshness and energy all its own. I sent vocalist Ren Megna a few questions. Here are his replies.

Please list all the band members names/instruments.

Ren-vocals, Jackson-drums, Paul-guitar, Arturo-guitar and Matt-bass.

When and how did Putrisect get together (if you we all in other bands people would recognize, mention that)?

Putrisect was formed out of spare parts of Marrow (death metal) and Burning Axe (crust) in the summer of 2013.

I didn’t see any recordings at your merch table and I found only one song on BandCamp (I got a patch though!). What is your recording history? What are you plans to record?

We’ve recorded a four-song demo with Kevin Bernstein at Developing Nations studio. The label Cemetery Cricket is releasing a tape really soon, and a 7 inch is scheduled for after Deathfest. (Note: Chaos Awaits is now on BandCamp! Listen here.)

You are playing Maryland Deathfest on Friday night at Rams Head. That must be super crazy exciting! How did that come about and how do you feel about it?

We have all been going to or working Deathfest for years now and have always wanted to be in a band with big enough chops to make the cut. I put our early recordings in (MDF organizer) Evan Harting’s ear, and he threw us right onto it. We are all stoked on the opportunity and immensely grateful.

Where do you see yourself in five years (isn’t this the standard job interview question? Hahaha! Just say whatever you want!)

In five years, I hope to be recovering from our third European tour on the beach

If you were not playing music, how would you spend your free time?
Me personally, I would be drawing, drinking, eating, and fucking.

What motivates you? I mean, as a person, as a band? What is your inspiration?

Our motivation stems from an abject hatred for humanity. We are a misanthropic bunch of drunks and that sort of fuels the furnace of evil for us. I’m always wondering how we can make our songs sound like we hate people more. I want this to be a window into our disdain. I see the world as a sort of waking nightmare … I want other people to see that, too.

If you could drive any kind vehicle, what would it be and why?

I would drive and 1984 anniversary edition 300zx, because I love feeling like a bad guy in a 1980s B movie. The other guys … well, I think Arturo would drive an El Camino cause he’s a Mexican or some shit. Matt would drive a station wagon cause he’s a principal. Paul would drive some kind of pickup truck that didn’t work, and Jackson would drive his girlfriend’s car.

Anything else you want people to know about the band?
Our name is meaningless.

Putrisect will play the Adam Savage birthday show at Metro Gallery on June 7 with Pig Destroyer, Magrudergrind, Inter Arma and Cemetery Piss. Event link here.

Check out my gallery of Putrisect below.

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