Sixty Watt Shaman schools listeners in guitar tone

This time on the Metallomusikum podcast, we chatted with members of the group Sixty Watt Shaman just prior to their performance at the second Moving the Earth Fest II held in Baltimore. Sixty Watt Shaman plays a unique blend of bluesy, metal-y, hardcore-infused Maryland rock. They been around a while, since the mid-1990s in fact, but have been on a break while members worked on other projects.

2014-03-23-00.35.56-1-web-SWSCurrent members of Sixty Watt Shaman include Daniel Soren on guitar and vocals, Todd Ingram on lead guitar, Jim Forrester on bass, and Chuck Dukehart on drums. The band present a distinctive sound –the Sixty Watt sound– that has set them apart form other bands in their complex genre. Soren says it call comes down to the development of a guitar that they have honed and refined over the years together and from their collective experiences in other groups.

Sixty Watt Shaman have the gears in motion to write and release new material, as well as to dig into their archives and release never-before heard music. They also recently returned from gigs at DesertFest with one date in London and another in Berlin.

Check out the podcast here.  Quality was a little weird this time. Not sure why.

Here are a few photos from their show at Moving the Earth Fest II, which was organized by Chuck Dukehart and hosted by The Windup Space.

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