It’s the Metallomusikum birthday show!




On May 7, 2014 I turn 50. That’s an age that not too long ago I would have considered old. Now I don’t really know what to think of it because I don’t really feel old.  One thing I know for sure, is that I felt like, for once, I wanted to try to throw an amazing party that would blow everyone away and also reflect a bit of my musical taste. So I decided to start assembling a lineup that would be memorable. Never did I imagine that the bands to play would be this incredible.

Behold: the Metallomusikum Birthday Show, Saturday, May 10 at The Sidebar! The line up is phenomenal! Check this out!

Iron Man – the Maryland doom legend’s step up to the plate and save the day.

Negura Bunget – that’s right, the Romanian black metal band. Thanks to Adam Savage for sending them my way. (Contact him to set up cool shows!)

Beelzefuzz – psychedelic sounds from the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

Grimegod – Romanian doom death featuring members of Negura Bunget.

Horde of the Eclipse – super grim melodic black metal band from Central PA

Warhawk – thrashy goodness from downstate PA

 Nude Mass – super fresh punk noises from Mobtown Baltimore.

It is beyond my comprehension that this show is even happening. It has taken a ton of work and some cash kick-in from some special friends (Thanks William Harnish and Tara Murray and Sidebar owner Travis Hunt!) I feel very lucky to have the support of friends and family to make this show a reality. Kathy Reeves has donated her artistic skills to create the show poster. There will be cake!

Tickets are just $10 and you can get them online at or at the door, though we expect a sell out. Here’s the ticket link. Doors at 7 p.m. Music starts at 7:30 sharp! This show will not run on punk time! 😉

This event is also my first official attempt at booking shows. I have organized lots and lots of corporate style events before, so working with groups and personalities and budgets and timelines is nothing new to me. But I am sure booking bands will have its challenges. It’s a big show to get  my feet wet in the “I-book-shows-sometimes” world, but there you have it. To that end, I have also arranged several future shows listed below. If I don’t kill myself with this one, please make sure to save the date for the other ones!

I have no idea whether or not I will ever have a birthday show again. I kind of think maybe not. But I do have some other plans for events and shows under the Metallomusikum brand to make your ears happy and engage your mind. Stay tuned!

Future Metallomusikum hosted shows include:

  • July 18 – Existentium, Gloom. Virulence and Swamphög at Chapala’s Blue Beetle Rock Bar, 15530 Old Columbia Pike, Burtonsville, MD 20866. 8 p.m. $5. Facebook event page.
  • July 26 – GRIMSCAPE 2014: Pact, Helgardh, Dispellment, Inverted Trifixion, Antikosmos at Sidebar, 218 E. Lexington St. Baltimore, MD 21202. Facebook event page.
  • August 2 – with Mercyful Mike Marketing and Productions: Blackfinger, Beelzefuzz, Iron Man, Kings Destroy and Black Lung at Sidebar, 218 E. Lexington St. Baltimore, MD 21202. Facebook event page.

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