Would you want to be vocalist for Dark Funeral?

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Dark Funeral is apparently still looking for a vocalist. No joke, here is what Lord Ahriman – the founder, guitarist and songwriter of the Swedish Black Metal band  posted on his Facebook page just last week:

“If you’ve got what it takes to tour intensely and be the front man of the ineffable Kings of Black Metal, please send us your application to vocalist@darkfuneral.se. Please provide the following information when sending applications:
Send us a photo, your name, age and a short background story about you and maybe bandography incl. touring history. Also attach 1-2 audio/video clips in good quality that have been recorded recently. If we find you interesting, we’ll contact you regarding the next step.”

Dark Funeral has been around for 20 years and has only had two previous vocalists. Can you replace this guy:

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