Podcast 3: Our show about nothing and everything

Apparently we were having way too much fun with this podcast because it is 95 minutes long. However, our guests Mike Walls of Queen Wolf and Jason “Mot” Waldmann of Iron Man (who also happens to be married to Mary), were quite engaging and had lots of cool things to talk about.  So give this one a chance.

We set out to discuss whether Baltimore had a sound and really just characterize what the music scene in the area is like. We never really answered that question, but we had some fun along the way.  You just might learn something as we attempt to establish our credibility as people who have any right talking about music at all. These are after all, just our opinions. Our views are as valid as yours!

We did find out a little about Queen Wolf and what their future holds. Mike was such an interesting guest, we hope he comes back again to hang out with us! And Mot, well he lives here so you know he will be on again. He’s our resident researcher, even when he is not in front of the mic.  Enjoy!

P.S. Despite what the podcast says, Gaahl will not be at Stella Natura.

Here’s a link to the podcast, now hosted on MixCloud.

Here is a link to the song Small Hadron Collider, a song from Queen Wolf’s  forthcoming album.

Here’s a link to the first single of of the Iron Man album, South of the Earth, set to come out Oct. 1 in North America on Metal Blade/Rise Above Records.

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