(the) Melvins up close and personal

I know (the) Melvins play like one million shows a year, but other than the madness that was their performance at Maryland Deathfest, I have not seen this band up close. The Ottobar was the place to be for that Friday night. I’d worked a full day and still wearing my dress from work but decide to go anyway.

The place was packed! So despite the fact that (the) Melvins play a lot of shows all over the place all the time, they also still draw the numbers. I am not sure it was a complete sell out but it was very close.

I loved seeing them in a smaller venue, despite the close quarters with so many people. I loved drummers times two. This show was part of their 30th anniversary tour. I am sure Buzz Osborne never imagined that he’d still be playing in a band he started just out of high school. But then again, maybe that is exactly what he envisioned. By the way, Buzz and I are the same age, which somehow makes me feel more alive.

Here are some photos I snapped and one of me with King Buzzo himself.

buzzo-mary2 buzzo1 melvins2

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