Iron Man band sign to Rise Above Records

For the last several months, fans of the doom metal band Iron Man have been teased–nay–tortured by Facebook status updates about a new album. Then there was a YouTube video previewing songs for this new full-length.  Not long ago, we learned the name of that record– South of the Earth. I have heard most of these songs live, as well as listened to the new recording in its entirety and can attest to the fact that this record will deliver everything the fans have been dreaming about and more. It’s eargasm material.
But more importantly, now we know that this fifth full-length record will not be a self-released affair, as Iron Man announced today that they have inked a deal with Rise Above Records, the London-based independent label launched in 1988 by Cathedral vocalist Lee Dorrian. Rise Above Records host an impressive array of artists whose sound is in keeping with the Iron Man musical mission. This roster includes heavy hitters Orange Goblin, Electric Wizard, Blood Ceremony, The Gates of Slumber, Church of Misery, Ghost and many others.
Alfred Morris III of Iron Man. Photo by Mary Spiro.
Alfred Morris III of Iron Man. Photo by Mary Spiro.

The Maryland metal legends, which consists of founding member Alfred Morris III on guitar, Louis Strachan on bass, Dee Calhoun on vocals, and Jason “Mot” Waldmann on drums, have not published a full-length recording since the 2009 issue of I Have Returned (Shadow Kingdom Records).  Devotees have had to make-do during this interim with two self-released EPs, Dominance in 2011 and att hålla dig över in 2012. I spoke with “Iron Man” Al Morris the other day about what signing with Rise Above Records means to the band:

Tell me about the label you are signing with?
Rise Above Records is the heaviest label on the planet! They have an incredible roster of bands.
What is your relationship with the person who runs this label?
Lee Dorrian and I have been very good friends for 20 years! We met at a Cathedral gig in Washington D.C., back in 1993. He had heard “Black Night” and was a fan of Iron Man.
What does this mean for Iron Man in terms of touring, distribution and so forth?
Iron Man will be on Rise Above/Metal Blade worldwide. Touring will also be worldwide! The fans all over the world that have been waiting for years will finally get to see Iron Man for the first time!
What is the timetable for the release of South of the Earth?
Sept/Oct 2013
In what formats will it be released? Digital/LP/CD etc?
All of the above.
What is your assessment of the overall lineup of Iron Man right now?
This line-up is the best. We can write songs at will and perform with lots of energy on stage. Iron Man is now the total package!
How does it feel to reach this point in your career’s history?
It feels good because I am not alone trying to keep things together. We are a group of professionals that can move in any direction that we want to.
What will you do next?
Finish writing the next CD and enjoy the fans!
Is there anything else you want people to know about how this record was written, recorded, mastered or otherwise produced?
The writing method has never changed. I introduce a riff and the guys put in their parts to make a song. This is how each member can be as creative as possible because they create what they feel, not what they are told to feel! We went back to Frank Marchand to record this CD. We had worked with Frank before on, I Have Returned, and knew that this CD would be incredible!! He knows Iron Man music like the back of his hand. Frank is a great engineer/producer. We will use his talents again for the next CD!!
Anything else?
We are looking forward to playing for Iron Man fans around the world!! Thank you so much!
Iron Man, from l-r: Jason "Mot" Waldmann, Dee Calhoun, Alfred Morris III, Louis Strachan.
Iron Man, from l-r: Jason “Mot” Waldmann, Dee Calhoun, Alfred Morris III, Louis Strachan.
Read the official announcement from Rise Above Records here

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  1. This band is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO under-rated!! I’m glad they finally got what’s been lurking them………. a REAL label with REAL tour support!!! CONGRATS GUYS!!!
    Chris COLD GIN Gordon

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