Metallomusikum featured on WYPR’s The Signal

For the most part, I am behind the camera and behind the microphone in my lame attempts to capture my view of the metal world. But I recently stepped in front of the microphone for this story by Aaron Henkin of WYPR in Baltimore for the weekly show, The Signal.

Uzas of Dominium (Photo by JM Giordano)

There are a few factual errors.  Half the bands that played at the show he attended April 20 were black metal and not death metal. (And since I am a huge black metal fan, I must defend this!) The lead singer of the Maryland band Part Death is Filipino, not Latino, as if it matters. Dominium’s EP is called The Incursion, not The Inversion. And the co-owner of Black Mess Records is Alex Camacho (not Camachio).

But all and all, Henkin does a good job of capturing the general vibe of what extreme metal is all about.  If you want to hear me yammer on about nothing in particular, I come in at 6:40 minutes of this 25 minute broadcast. Lots of bands are featured in this show. Also interviewed are Ryan Taylor and Evan Harting, organizers of the Maryland Deathfest. Click here to listen to the show.

Here is a video of the band Dominium from Richmond who were one of the bands interviewed.  This film was shot by my buddy at Rants Magazine. This is BLACK METAL!

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