Tonight prog-rock invades House of Rock

Most of the bands I have seen booked at White Marsh’s House of Rock have been in the traditional or hair, glam or sleaze metal category. So it was nice to see something I actually wanted to go to slated for  tonight, May 2.  Here’s the line up:

922994_582145685139340_236136976_nI listen to a ton of death and black metal. Like a lot of it. But I have a soft spot for the prog rock, especially when masterfully done.  Somewhere in between Taake and Marduk, I will slip in a little Opeth or Rush just to make sure I still know what a traditional melody sounds like. So I look forward to taking a break from my grim and frostbitten realm to check out these groups, and hopefully I will come back with some great photos and maybe an interview or two. This will be my first time at House of Rock. You should come too! Doors at 7. $25.

Pain of Salvation captured my attention a couple of years ago with their thoughtful cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.  Their original work is outstanding. If you miss them, you are fucking up. Seriously.

I have been following Baltimore’s Fallen Martyr for about a year, and I am anxious to see what new material they have to present. Guitarist Gabriel Luis has always impressed me.

Kingcrow is new to me, but the material that I have heard so far has blown me away.  They combine heavy prog riffs with an 80s sensibility. I need to become more familiar with their music, but the Italian accents are cute!

Imminent Sonic Destruction is out on their first major US tour.  Fans of Dream Theatre should check them out. Lead vocalist Tony Piccoli has some pipes!

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