Corrections House live stream tonight from Miami

Corrections House at Metro Gallery 1/25/13

For those of you who were scared of a little snow last Friday to attend the performance of Corrections House at Baltimore’s Metro Gallery, the group presents a live stream tonight (January 30) at midnight, EST at this location. The show will be broadcast from Churchill’s in Miami, Florida. 

Corrections House is a “collective” of well known musicians from other groups including Mike IX Williams (Eyehategod), Sanford Parker (Nachtmystium), Scott Kelly (Neurosis), and Bruce Lamont (Yakuza). I recommend ponying up the pittance these venues will charge to see the actual show, but if they are not coming to your town, I suppose a live stream is ok. I believe a video stream will pale in comparison to the live performance, however. 
I have heard some criticism of this musical experiment. But I suggest approaching this group with an open mind. You are not going to see the bastard child of Neurosis and Eyehategod or any other permutation of the aforementioned groups these cats have been involved in. What you will see is the artistic expression of four super talented people who are stepping off of well worn paths to share their ideas of what music and poetry and sound and performance can be.
People these days spend a lot of time alone listening to music that was by created by people alone in studios. What Corrections House does is form a living organism comprised of a marriage of the performers and the audience.  Mike Williams said no two performances are exactly alike, and I believe that. 
I also DON’T recommend that you watch the somewhat pretentious video that was made for the group’s composition “Hoax The System”. I watched the video and I think it may have colored my expectations a bit too much. I would like to have unwatched it. Don’t even listen to the song. In fact, stop reading this blog post right now. No, just kidding because there is still a little bit more important info here. 
Here are the remaining Corrections House tour dates. If you care about the future of music or are just curious, I encourage you to go: 
1/30/2013 Churchill’s – Miami, FL [LIVE BROADCAST!]
1/31/2013 Crowbar – Tampa, FL
2/01/2013 529 – Atlanta, GA
2/02/2013 Bottletree – Birmingham, AL
2/05/2013 Spanish Moon – Baton Rouge, LA
2/06/2013 Siberia – New Orleans, LA
2/07/2013 Walter’s Downtown – Houston, TX
2/08/2013 Korova – San Antonio, TX
2/09/2013 Red 7 – Austin, TX
2/10/2013 Bryan Street Tavern – Dallas, TX
2/11/2013 Opolis – Norman, OK
2/12/2013 Hero’s – Fort Smith, AR
2/13/2013 Slowdown – Omaha, NE
2/15/2013 Moon Room – Denver, CO

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