Music I have purchased on Bandcamp

Sometimes instant gratification wins out and I need to obtain a musical recording as soon as possible. Many people turn to iTunes and Amazon, and I have purchased my fair share of music from those outlets–mostly with gift cards from friends or family. 
However, I prefer to buy music hosted on Bandcamp. I love the Bandcamp interface and I feel like the performers are probably getting a better deal in terms of compensation. 
The music industry is rife with greed and musicians are constantly looking for ways to pay the bills. When I can, I buy music directly from the artist when I see them live. I also sometimes buy t-shirts and other related items. So far this year, I have attended 47 live music shows. I will probably see a couple more before we ring in the New Year. Suffice it to say I support the local music scene.
Check out my purchases on Bandcamp this year here
What music did you buy in 2012?

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  1. I don't usually purchase downloads — I pick up an awful lot of free ones, but when I want to buy something I almost always get CDs. It just feels more like you're actually owning something, maybe I'm just old fashioned. But I always try to buy directly from bands or from small labels/distros whenever possible.As far as Bandcamp is concerned, I think the only thing I've actually purchased was the Doommantia benefit comp…

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