CONTEST: Design my blog header image

Do you have graphic design skills? I would like a banner/header thingy designed for my blog at incorporating the name Metallomusikum. Right now it is just the template and a photo of Amon Amarth I took.

I believe headers on Blogger blogs are 900 px wide and 450 px high, but you might want to poke around on Blogger to determine that. This blog is closing in on 20,000 hits and I would it to have a more professional presence. 
Think you can come up with something appropriate for the content of my blog? Submit your ideas to me in at The winning design will receive $25, a feature story on the blog about you, your design, your business or whatever you want to feature. 
I will also send you some random CDs from my CD collection and my undying devotion. Deadline is Oct 31, but I will extend it if there is still no design I like. GO!!

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