Autopsy comic set to drop in time for Halloween

When you think of the pioneering death metal band Autopsy, what comes to mind? Sheer brutality? Crushing riffs? Chris Reifert’s frightening ability to sing AND blast beats so fast that no metronome could keep up? That their mosh pit will dismember you? Their performance at this year’s Maryland Deathfest was phenomenal. What else do I need to know?

Apparently when reflecting on Oakland, California’s death metal godfathers, you also should be thinking: comic books.

Vince Brusio (left) with Chris Reifert at MDF. 

I recently received an announcement from the president and publisher of E-Comix, Vince Brusio, (based in Sykesville, Md.) that come this Halloween 2012 you will be able to possess your very own copy of “Autopsy: Feast For A Funeral.” The work will be the company’s second self-contained comic book. Imagine finding this in your trick-or-treat bag.

I am not a huge reader or collector of comic books, but the news intrigued me. I had had a KISS comic book back in the day, and I suppose comics and rock do go hand in hand. The announcement went on to say that the company’s first title was “Dying Fetus: Supreme Violence.” How did I miss this? Dying Fetus has a comic book too? I felt completely out of the loop.

According to Brusio’s release, members of Autopsy learned about the comic book project at MDF: “Shown the cover and told the plot for the book at the 10th Anniversary Maryland Deathfest, Autopsy gave the green light for the project, which brings to life their brand of doom in a ferocious full-color nightmare.”

Ok, so what’s the story about?  “The comic book tells the tale of college kids who make a terrible mistake. One for which they must suffer, and pay in blood,”  Brusio’s announcement states.”  When they play with stolen property at an impromptu field party, they open a doorway that allows spirits into our material world. A rescue is planned, but none of this is made known to a rival biker gang that doesn’t appreciate their turf trampled on by strangers. Seeking vengeance, the gang approach an old abandoned house to wreak havoc on their party crashers, and learn too late that once the door to Hell is opened it can’t be closed.”

From the comic “Autopsy: Feast for a Funeral”

Wow, the only thing this plot is missing is an adorable talking Great Dane. But seriously, if the gateway to hell is going to be opened by anyone it is going to be the fault of a bunch of hapless college kids who piss off a biker gang. It’s just a matter of time.

Where does Autopsy come in? Well, they seem to have served as the inspiration. Read on.

“Autopsy have driven the hearse to bring death metal to the mases since the late 1980s,” Vince Brusio remarks. “It was a natural fit to fuse their brand of music with a grisly ghost story. So we took the cover image of Severed Survival, expanded on it, and developed a story that takes place on Halloween night. It’s pretty gory stuff. As it should be.”

Autopsy are reportedly excited to be party to this madness. The announcement quotes Reifert: “It was great to meet and chat with Vince at the Maryland Death Festival. We’re damn excited about this, and know it will be a real killer when it’s done!”

E-Comix is a new company founded just this year with the intent of merging music and comics to, as Brusio states, “create self-contained ‘done-in-one’ books that, in turn, are repurposed for lines of merchandise sold both online and in retail distribution, as well as concert venues.

I hope to lay my hands on a copy of “Autopsy: Feast for a Funeral” at some point and also wish Vince luck in fusing these two still relatively underground media. Let’s see some black metal bands represented!

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  1. Good article but Reifert doesn’t play blast beats and definitely isn’t known for super fast drumming.

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