Countdown to MDF X: (3) Suffocation

Suffocation is from Long Island, New York. This will be evident the minute vocalist Frank Mullen opens his mouth to speak, which he is want to do between songs. When the band begins to play, however, you will forget all about his New YAWK accent and turn your attention to not being killed in the mosh pit.

Did I say Suffocation plays brutal death metal? Did I say they were pioneers of the genre? Be warned. Suffocation plays outside on Sunday evening at the Maryland Deathfest and the violence that will undoubtably erupt will be on concrete and asphalt. There will be blood, my friends, there WILL be blood.

The current line up of Suffocation includes the aforementioned Frank Mullen (Vocals), Terrance Hobbs  (Guitars), Guy Marchais (Guitars), Derek Boyer (Bass),  and the recent return of drummer Dave Culross who played for the group in the late 1990s.

The following live video is not the best looking, but the sound and feeling of Suffocation’s live performance are accurately captured. Expect to be obliterated.

Previous drummer Mike Smith is seen in this music video from 2009. 

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