2012 Maryland Deathfest set times spreadsheet

The 2012 Maryland Deathfest has posted the set times for all the bands over the four days, May 24-27, at Sonar in Baltimore, MD. This is great news! I can’t wait for this festival. This is also horrible news, because now I must make choices about who I will and won’t see.

The set times can be found at this link on the MDF X website OR because I am such a nerd and need to see things differently, I recreated the list in a Google  spreadsheet which you can see here. Actually four sheets, one for each day. Go ahead and say it, I am a nerd.  For some reason this helps me see the schedule better.

My spread sheet only gives the start times. That’s because once I commit to  seeing an act, I don’t plan to wander off and see what is happening at another stage half way through. I am there for the duration.

Either way, I hope the links will help you plan your days. Remember, all the bands are being profiled here at Metallomusikum. 

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  1. Hi Mary, your link in the post only goes to the Thursday schedule.I make a Google Doc for these as well every year and I've included some other info about the bands. They're good to bookmark on a smartphone so you can pull it up while you're walking around at the fest. Check em out at:http://bit.ly/mdfthursdayhttp://bit.ly/mdffridayhttp://bit.ly/mdfsaturdayhttp://bit.ly/mdfsundayNow let's see if posting all these links actually gets past the spam filter.

  2. Hi Chris, all the days are there at the bottom under different sheets. Thanks for checking this out. I will look at your lists too.

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