Gojira releases NEW song, earth pauses to listen

How long have we waited for French death metal monsters, Gojira, to release a new song? (And I am not counting that excellent “Of Blood and Salt” song that was part of the Sea Shepherd EP that never really got off the ground because most of the recordings were lost.) It’s been four years! FOUR YEARS!!! That’s like, forever and ever in music entertainment time. Today on Pitchfork they have posted a new track, “L’Enfant Sauvage,” from an album set to be released on Roadrunner June 26.

My love for Gojira is deep and wide and incredibly hard to explain. Somehow Gojira engenders the kind of love and devotion and pure fucking metal mania from their fans, the likes of which you will not see for many death metal bands. One simply does not listen to Gojira  and say, “Meh.”

The first exposure I had to this group was from their last album, The Way of All Flesh.  The power and anticipation that built with every track there is evident in this new song, too. This group does not rush its composing and recording schedule, they take their time and it shows.

Listen to the new track here.

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