My DNA-tree-rrific tattoo design

So, when I am not blogging about local, national and international bands or going to work at my “real” job (which involves science writing), I am getting into trouble and getting tattoos. Here is my latest.

The design is an original by Mr. Jason Lynn of House of Madness and Ill Humors Tattoo Emporium and Odditorium in Hampstead, Maryland. Jason is a talented artist who could take my ill-formed ideas and come up with this masterpiece interpretation. He is also the person who gave me my first tattoo and will likely be the person to give me my last.

First off, I wanted a sort of Tree of Life theme to fall in line with my murky worldview. The branches ended up looking like spreading blood vessels, but that was good, because they just reinforced the medical/science/biological look I was going for. I definitely wanted something science-y so I could send it to Carl Zimmer, author of Science Ink: Tattoos of the Science Obsessed. That’s why it has the DNA double helix as the tree trunk. And just for fun, we decided to add the wee Newton’s apple (my first color!), which was not in the original design but drawn in freehand when the main work was completed.

I suggest that if you are in the market for real tattoo art and not just some pick-a-picture-off-the-wall place, then you should see Jason at House of Madness. It may take you a while to get an appointment, but it will be worth it. Plus he is a nice guy and loves metal, too.

I am exceedingly pleased with this new piece. Please admire it. Ok, that’s enough. Now, get back to work!! There are articles to be written and photos to be taken. \m/

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