Countdown to MDF X: (34) Haemorrhage

Any fears you may have ever had about going to the doctor or being admitted to the hospital should be reinforced once you hear (or see) Haemorrhage, a 5-piece goregrind act from Spain. With song titles like “Splatter Nurse,” “Open Heart Butchery” and “Doctors of Malpractice,” you would think that every single band member had suffered some kind of trauma at the hands of a physician.

Founded in 1990 under the name Devourment, the group changed their name to Haemorrhage in 1992. Members include Luisma – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals,  Ramón Checa – Bass, Fernando Errazquin “Lugubrious” – Vocals, Ana Belen de López – Rhythm Guitar and Daniel Rojas López – Drums. Luisma illustrates the comic art album covers.

Live performances are filled with blood and guts and the occasional severed limb. Band members dress in hospital garb and most of them are also drenched, or at least splattered, with blood. Musically, they play fast, punkish death metal featuring guttural vocals and catchy (or should I say “infectious”) verses and choruses administered with a good dose of humor.

Honestly, someone should put this band in a of low-budget splatter film. I would watch that. I think a lot of people would.

Haemorrhage plays Saturday afternoon, May 26, at the 2012 Maryland Deathfest. It should be a scream-dream come true.

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